The SNAC research group

The Swansea Nutrition, Appetite and Cognition (SNAC) Group conducts research concerning the psychology of eating behaviour and the effects that eating and drinking have on our mood, performance and cognition. Our group sits within the Department of Psychology at Swansea University.

Summer 2018 at SNAC

Our SNAC group had an exciting start into the summer 2018:

  • Alecia Cousin, Aimee Pink, Jennifer Gatzemeier and Menna Price presented also at this years BFDG annual meeting. This time in beautiful Lyon, France.
    See also our event page.
  • SNAC was the first time involved at Pint of Science. Hayley Young and Dave Benton unraveled the myths around eating in an exciting discussion.
    See also our event page.

And the rest of summer keeps interesting with following events:

  • Also this year some members of SNAC will be at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour (SSIB).
    Find further information on our event page.
  • Be ready for this year’s Swansea Science Festival in November! We will have a stall and exciting interactive experiments to teach the whole family about eating behaviour.
    We look forward meeting you.
    Find further information on our event page.


Exciting news:
Our SNAC group is hosting the BFDG annual meeting 2019!!!
We look forward to welcome our fellow researcher here in Swansea.



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