Members of our group are actively involved in a range of activities the whole year round. Here you find an overview of some of the past and upcoming events in which we took part.


Upcoming events

Please come back soon to get information about upcoming events.



Past events

8-10th September 2017
Swansea Science Festival

After the huge successs of the British Science Festival 2016, hosted by Swansea University last year, the university decided to start an annual Science Festival in Swansea. And the SNAC group was also this year part of the festival and presented “hand-on” experiments about how your eating behaviour is influenced by the environment!

You can find further information here.

We hope you enjoyed the festival! We had a great time and were impressed by the big interest in science and especially in our research, even by the young ones.

Hopefully we see you next year again.


18-22nd July 2017
SSIB 2017 (Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior)

Also this year members of the SNAC group attended the annual meeting of SSIB. The society is interested in multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and information about food and fluid intake.
Dr Menna Price and Aimee Pink presented their current findings as posters and the conference.

Here is Aimee’s impression on the conference:
“This was my first international conference and I really enjoyed being able to be a part of it. Being able to see research that is currently being undertaken across the world right now was really nice and definitely gave me some things to think of going forward with my own thesis and research”

You can now find the program and abstracts at the homepage.



8th June 2017
Visit of Year 6 St. Mary’s School

Students of St. Mary’s School Llanelli visited Swansea University to get an insight into the research of our college. Next to the Department for Nursing also the SNAC group gave some ‘hands-on’ demonstrations. The students showed great interest not only in the experiments but also in the subject of Psychology, being a PhD student here and living in Swansea.

Here some impressions of the demonstrations:




2nd May 2017
3MT 2017

This year two of our PhD students took part in the 3 minute thesis competition, namely Aimee Pink and Jennifer Gatzemeier. They were competing against 16 other PhD students from various disciplines and presented their research in up to 3 minutes. All students delivered a fantastic presentation of their work.

Well done!

You can find general information about the 3MT here.
If you are interested to see the presentation of this years competition, please follow this link.




6-7th April 2017
BFDG (British Feeding and Drinking Group) Meeting 2017

Our SNAC group was presenting at the British Feeding and Drinking Group (BFDG) meeting. Five of our researchers, namely Dr Laura Wilkinson, Dr Menna Price, Jennifer Gatzemeier, Alecia Cousins and Aimee Pink, were each giving a talk about their current research. We heard some really interesting talks and had lively chats with other researchers. We are looking forward to the meeting next year.



14th and 29th October 2016
Swansea University Open Day

At the Open Days prospective students and their parents had the opportunity to learn more about the different courses Swansea University offers. The Department for Psychology not just gave a subject specific talk about what you learn in our course, but also held an informal meet-and-greet. Over a cup of tea or coffee and some cake prospective students had the chance to meet lecturers and current students to ask questions. Members of our SNAC group were also there and you could find out more about our group and our research interests as well as try real experiments.

For further information please have a look here.

It was great to meet you and we hope to welcome you as a student as Swansea University!



13-14th September 2016
College Annual PGR (Post Graduate Research) Conference

The College for Human and Health Sciences is holding an annual conference at which all postgraduate students of the college present their research to their fellows.

From our SNAC group Aimee Pink gave an oral presentation and won a price for the best presentation of the day! Congratulation Aimee!!!
Alecia Cousin and Jennifer Gatzemeier presented their results as poster.




10th September 2016
Soapbox Science

Soapbox Science is promoting women in science and follow the format of the London Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner. Soapbox Science is already the third time in Swansea and was building a bridge to the British Science Festival this year.

Our own Prof. Michelle Lee was talking about impulsivity and how sensible our brain is using action figures and Haribo to make her message clear and also interesting for kids.
Dr Menna Price, Aimee Pink and Jennifer Gatzemeier supported the event to make the experience interesting and enjoyable for speakers and visitors.




06-11th September 2016
British Science Festival & Fringe festival

The SNAC research group was involved in this year’s British Science Festival hosted here at Swansea University from September 6th – September 11th. Our two events – the ‘Foodscape Walk’ on Thursday September 8th 2016 and a Roald Dahl themed interactive event on Sunday September 11th 2016 – were a huge success. The Foodscape Walk was fully booked and about 200 people visited our stall at the family weekend.

The ‘Foodscape Walk’ invited people to think about their environment in terms of food; rather than looking across the landscape, they looked across the foodscape. When we stop and look around us with food in mind, it is clear that our environment is littered with information about food, prompts about food and food itself. During the walk they discussed how this ‘busy’ foodscape might influence the own eating and, in turn, the body weight.
The walk was hosted by Dr. Laura Wilkinson one of our resident SNAC psychologists. Along the way, they ‘run into’ three eating behaviour experts:

  • Professor Suzanne Higgs from the University of Birmingham outlined some influences on foods choice that you might find surprising and discussed some new strategies that might help to encourage healthy eating.
  • Professor Jeff Brunstrom from the University of Bristol talked about why we find pizza irresistible and how science is helping us to understand our preferences, why we have them, and why they sometimes change over time.
  • They also heared from Swansea University’s very own Professor Michelle Lee who talked about what happens when we are presented with something tasty and impulsivity!

The Fringe Festival is especially for families and the SNAC group invited adults and children to learn about the psychology of eating in an interactive way. You had the opportunity to explore how perception of taste, texture, appearance and smell of foods can influence your eating. Kids as well as adults had fun ‘having a go’ at real experiments.

Thanks to everybody who helped making these events such a great and fun experience!

 jeff-suzanne-and-michelleProf. Jeff Brunstrom, Prof. Suzanne Higgs, Prof. Michelle Lee (fltr)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Work presented as part of the Foodscape walk has been funded by the ESRC (Prof. Higgs), the European Union Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007–2013 under Grant Agreement 607310 (Nudge-it)] – Nudge-it (Prof. Brunstrom) and Cherish-De (Prof. Lee).





For events which took part before the events posted on this page, please click here.



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