Members of our group are actively involved in a range of activities throughout the year. Here you can find an overview of some of the past and upcoming events in which we are involved with.


Upcoming events



3-4th November 2018
Swansea Science Festival 2018

Join our SNAC group at the Swansea Science Festival!
Like last year, we will bring eating behaviour and science closer to the whole family in a fun and interactive way. Join us for some ‘hands-on’ experiments and learn about some of the mechanisms behind your food choices and intake.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Keep informed about the Festival here.



11-15th November 2018
Obesity Week 2018

This year Jennifer Gatzemeier will attend ObesityWeek to present her latest findings as well as hear and learn about current research in the field of obesity.

More information about ObesityWeek 2018 can be found here.




Past events

9-12th June 2018
Nutrition 2018

The annual meeting of the American Society of Nutrition ‘Nutrition’ took place in Boston, Massachusetts this year. Three members of our SNAC group were present, namely Alecia Cousins with an oral presentation, Dr Hayley Young and Prof David Benton each with posters.

More information about Nutrition 2018 can be found here.



16th May 2018
3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition

Tanisha Douglas was one of the winners of the College of Human and Health Science’s semi-finals for this year’s 3MT. Therefore she represented the College in the Swansea University finals. Here she reached the third place.

Congratulations Tanisha!!



15th May 2018
Pint of Science – You Are What You Eat: Behind the Headlines

Dr Hayley Young and Professor David Benton talked about myths around eating:

The media often suggest simplistic and misleading relationships between a particular food, a particular nutrient, how we feel and behave. In this talk, a series of topics will be discussed, like whether chocolate and red wine halt the cognitive decline, if sugar makes your child hyperactive, if personality is determined by gut bacteria, whether additives have adverse consequences and whether food allergies are a common problem.

Find more information about Pint of Science and to stay informed for Pint of Science 2019 here.



11-13th April 2018
BFDG annual meeting (British Feeding and Drinking Group)

This year members of our SNAC group presented their work at the BFDG annual meeting 2018. Our PhD students Aimee Pink, Alecia Cousin and Jennifer Gatzemeier all got accepted for an oral presentation, and Dr Menna Price presented a poster.

We were excited that we were able to share the results of our research with our fellow researchers and in return to hear about their current research and findings.


8-10th September 2017
Swansea Science Festival

After the huge success of the British Science Festival 2016, hosted by Swansea University, the university decided to start an annual Science Festival. The SNAC group got involved again this year and presented “hands-on” experiments about how your eating behaviour is influenced by the environment!

We hope you enjoyed the festival! We had a great time and were impressed by the big interest in science and especially in our research, even by the young ones.

You can find further information here.

Hopefully we will see you next year!


18-22nd July 2017
SSIB 2017 (Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior)

This year members of the SNAC group attended the annual meeting of SSIB. The society is interested in multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and information about food and fluid intake.
Dr Menna Price and Aimee Pink presented their current findings as posters at the conference.

Here is Aimee’s impression of the conference:
“This was my first international conference and I really enjoyed being able to be a part of it. Being able to see research that is currently being undertaken across the world right now was really nice and definitely gave me some things to think of going forward with my own thesis and research”

You can now find the program and abstracts at the homepage.



8th June 2017
Visit of Year 6 St. Mary’s School

Students of St. Mary’s School Llanelli visited Swansea University to get an insight into the research of our college. Next to the Department for Nursing also the SNAC group gave some ‘hands-on’ demonstrations. The students showed great interest not only in the experiments but also in the subject of Psychology, being a PhD student here and living in Swansea.

Here some impressions of the demonstrations:




2nd May 2017
3MT 2017

This year two of our PhD students took part in the 3 minute thesis competition, namely Aimee Pink and Jennifer Gatzemeier. They were competing against 16 other PhD students from various disciplines and presented their research in up to 3 minutes. All students delivered a fantastic presentation of their work.

Well done!

You can find general information about the 3MT here.
If you are interested to see the presentation of this years competition, please follow this link.



6-7th April 2017
BFDG (British Feeding and Drinking Group) Meeting 2017

Our SNAC group was presenting at the British Feeding and Drinking Group (BFDG) meeting. Five of our researchers, namely Dr Laura Wilkinson, Dr Menna Price, Jennifer Gatzemeier, Alecia Cousins and Aimee Pink, were each giving a talk about their current research. We heard some really interesting talks and had lively chats with other researchers. We are looking forward to the meeting next year.





For events which took part before the events posted on this page, please click here.



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