Dr Hayley Young

Department of Psychology
Telephone: (01792) 29 5908

Email: h.a.young@swansea.ac.uk


My primary area of research concerns the influence of nutritional products and dietary regimes on cognition, mood and brain functioning. Past and current research includes studies that have considered the neurocognitive effects of carbohydrates that modulate blood glucose, the effect of psychoactive peptides, and dietary interactions with caffeine/energy drinks.

My most recent line of research involves determining the cognitive and psychological consequences of minor changes in hydration (less than 1%).

I have a particular interest in understanding which aspects of postprandial metabolism are responsible for changes in cognition. Examples include, pro-inflammatory cytokine release, endothelial function, osmolality, hormone secretion and the role of the autonomic nervous system.

I am also currently involved in research considering the plausibility of sugar ‘addiction’.