Miss Aimee Pink

Aimee_3_sepia.jpgPhD Postgraduate Student
Department of Psychology

Telephone: (01792) 60 4219
Email: a.e.pink@swansea.ac.uk







I am currently completing my PhD exploring the mechanisms that underpin emotional eating. It investigates the possible factors that cause vulnerabilities to emotional eating with a particular focus on emotional regulation deficits and impulsive personality traits. Currently I am developing a model within a student population with a series of questionnaire based studies before exploring the model’s ability to predict behaviour in an experimental setting.

Previously, I have explored emotional regulation deficits, personality traits and psychological factors that can influence hoarding behaviours in the general population and individuals with traumatic brain injury when completing my MSc in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology at Swansea University. I have also researched attachment theory and pain catastrophising at the University of Southampton where I completed by undergraduate degree.