Miss Alecia Cousins

Alecia_sepiaPhD Postgraduate Student
Department of Psychology

Telephone: (01792) 295081
Email: 882115@swansea.ac.uk






I am currently studying for my PhD here at Swansea University where my research is taking focus upon the effects of minor changes in hydration status and the effects which this may have upon psychological and cognitive factors such as mood and memory. This strand of research will be continued within my next study which aims to explore how changes in hydration status can affect various aspects of cardiovascular functioning and neuropsychological performance via the implementation of a hydration intervention.

Prior to undertaking this PhD, I studied at MSc in Health Psychology which focused upon health behaviours and developing interventions, with particular focus within my thesis upon how patients adjust and cope with life post – surgery for cardio vascular disease. I have also spent some time as a research assistant at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David which also explored the area of developing interventions to improve well – being. The research investigated how small scale nature based interventions may help improve how patients cope while recovering from cancer.



Phelps, C., Butler, C., Cousins, A. & Hughes, C. (2015). Sowing the seeds or failing to blossom? A feasibility study of a simple ecotherapy-based intervention in women affected by breast cancer. Ecancer. 9, 602