Miss Jennifer Gatzemeier

Jennifer_SepiaPhD Postgraduate Student
Departement of Psychology

Telephone: (01792) 29 5279
Email: 884493@swansea.ac.uk
ORCID: 0000-0001-7699-3406
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At present I am undertaking a PhD at Swansea University looking at the different approaches people take to manage their weight or to eat more healthily. I am also interested in behavioural profiles, which include self-control and impulsivity; whether people restrain themselves and if they do that in a flexible or rigid way.

After my Bachelor and Master in Nutritional Science at the Technischen Universität München (Munich University of Technology), Germany I decided to change from the molecular side of nutrition to the behavioural and sensory aspects. Therefore I was looking at the influence of repeated exposure to vegetable puree on the liking of vegetables in infants in my Master’s thesis, which I conducted at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In my jobs during and after my master and PhD I focussed on people with overweight and obesity.