Dr Paula Foscarini-Craggs

Paula_SepiaImpact coordinator
Department of Psychology

Telephone: (01792) 60 4219
Email: 530048@swansea.ac.uk





I completed my PhD at Swansea University in June 2016. Using Self-determination Theory, I primarily looked at the role of motivation and impulsivity in the development of persistent exercise and healthy eating habits and by extension their relationship to weight and body fat gain. I also looked the relationship between motivation, physical appearance comparison, and self-schema. My research found that those who are both impulsive and intrinsically motivated are more likely to gain weight and body fat, and are less likely to be successful in increasing their exercise behaviour. My undergraduate thesis looked at the effect of tennis as a rehabilitation technique for an individual with traumatic brain injury. My current research interests include motivation, impulsivity, self-schema, and behaviour change interventions. Currently, I am working as the research impact co-ordinator in psychology department. I am responsible for developing and promoting impact work, this includes creating websites, and taking part in research.