Past Events

Here you can find information about past events of our group.



12-16th July 2016
24th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior

The Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) is committed to advancing scientific research on food and fluid intake and its associated biological, psychological and social processes.

Michelle Lee and Hayley Young presented their research in oral presentation and Laura Wilkinson and Menna Price both exhibited a poster.



10th May 2016
3 Minute Thesis (3MT)

Our PhD student Aimee Pink presented her thesis in just 3 minutes in the Three Minute Thesis competition. This competition was developed 2008 at the University of Queensland to exercise the students’ skills in academic, research communication and presentation. Find more information about the 3MT competition here.

Well done, Aimee!!

Aimee’s impressions of the competition:
“3MT is a fantastic opportunity to improve your ability to concisely express what your thesis is about and what impact it will have. I had a great day sharing my work with the other academics and the general public in the audience. Emotional eating has shown association with increased BMI and highlighting the importance of developing our understanding of emotional eating was key to my presentation. Increasing knowledge has the potential help develop strategies to enable individuals to reduce their engagement in such a behaviour and look to a future where we close the door on emotional eating.”




Research as Art 2015

Aimee Pink was taking part in the Research as Art competition 2015 capturing her research in one single photograph.

“Research as art is a competition run annually by Swansea University in enable researchers to present their work in an artistic manner. Speaking with friends and family about my research highlighted that a lot of individuals believe they turn to food due to a number of different emotions. I wanted to capture this in what people could relate to – chocolate is often used a comfort food. In using the emotions listed within the Emotional Eating Scale I created my own menu of chocolates you would find in a box of chocolates. This generated some examples of the emotions that may lead you to turn to a box of chocolates for comfort. I wanted to use this image to attract the attention of the public and then to use this as a starting point to explain my research in greater detail.”

For more information about the Research as Art competition, read here.


11th November 2015
ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

The ESRC Festival took place at the Waterfront Museum Swansea and invited the guests to experience science by themselves.



06th June 2015
Soapbox Science

Michelle Lee was part of the organising commitee and Laura Wilkinson speaker of this exciting event. Here some impressions:



Research as Art 2013

Menna Price displayed the work of her PhD thesis in one picture and won the Research Art Collaborative award in 2013.

Congratulations Menna!


For more information about the Research as Art competition, read here.